42 CFR § 476.73 - Notification of QIO designation and implementation of review.

§ 476.73 Notification of QIO designation and implementation of review.

(a) Notice of CMS's decision. CMS sends written notification of a QIO contract award to the State survey agency and Medicare administrative contractors, fiscal intermediaries, and carriers. The notification includes the effective dates of the QIO contract and specifies the area and types of health care facilities to be reviewed by the QIO. The QIO must make a similar notification when review responsibilities are subcontracted.

(b) Notification to health care facilities and the public. As specified in its contract with CMS, the QIO must -

(1) Provide, to each health care facility scheduled to come under review, a timely written notice that specifies the date and manner in which the QIO proposes to implement review, and the information to be furnished by the facility to each Medicare beneficiary upon admission as specified in § 476.78(b)(3) of this part.

(2) Publish, in at least one local newspaper of general circulation in the QIO area, a notice that states the date the QIO will assume review responsibilities and lists each area health care facility to be under review. The QIO must indicate that its plan for the review of health care services as approved in its contract with CMS is available for public inspection in the QIO's business office and give the address, telephone number and usual hours of business.

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