42 CFR § 476.74 - General requirements for the assumption of review.

§ 476.74 General requirements for the assumption of review.

(a) A QIO must assume review responsibility in accordance with the schedule, functions and negotiated objectives specified in its contract with CMS.

(b) A QIO must notify the appropriate Medicare administrative contractor, fiscal intermediary, or carrier of its assumption of review in specific health care facilities no later than five working days after the day that review is assumed in the facility.

(c) A QIO must maintain and make available for public inspection at its principal business office -

(1) A copy of each agreement with Medicare administrative contractors, fiscal intermediaries, and carriers;

(2) A copy of its currently approved review plan that includes the QIO's method for implementing review; and

(3) Copies of all subcontracts for the conduct of review.

(d) A QIO must not subcontract with a facility to conduct any review activities except for the review of the quality of care. The QIO may subcontract with a non-facility organization to conduct review in a facility.

(e) If required by CMS, a QIO is responsible for compiling statistics based on the criteria contained in § 411.402 of this chapter and making limitation of liability determinations on excluded coverage of certain services that are made under section 1879 of the Act. If required by CMS, QIOs must also notify a provider of these determinations. These determinations and further appeals are governed by the reconsideration and appeals procedures in part 405, subpart G of this chapter for Medicare Part A related determinations and part 405, subpart H of this chapter for Medicare Part B related determinations.

(f) A QIO must make its responsibilities under its contract with CMS, primary to all other interests and activities that the QIO undertakes.

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