42 CFR § 482.1 - Basis and scope.

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§ 482.1 Basis and scope.

(a) Statutory basis.

(1) Section 1861(e) of the Act provides that -

(i) Hospitals participating in Medicare must meet certain specified requirements; and

(ii) The Secretary may impose additional requirements if they are found necessary in the interest of the health and safety of the individuals who are furnished services in hospitals.

(2) Section 1861(f) of the Act provides that an institution participating in Medicare as a psychiatric hospital must meet certain specified requirements imposed on hospitals under section 1861(e), must be primarily engaged in providing, by or under the supervision of a physician, psychiatric services for the diagnosis and treatment of mentally ill persons, must maintain clinical records and other records that the Secretary finds necessary, and must meet staffing requirements that the Secretary finds necessary to carry out an active program of treatment for individuals who are furnished services in the hospital. A distinct part of an institution can participate as a psychiatric hospital if the institution meets the specified 1861(e) requirements and is primarily engaged in providing psychiatric services, and if the distinct part meets the records and staffing requirements that the Secretary finds necessary.

(3) Sections 1861(k) and 1902(a)(30) of the Act provide that hospitals participating in Medicare and Medicaid must have a utilization review plan that meets specified requirements.

(4) Section 1883 of the Act sets forth the requirements for hospitals that provide long term care under an agreement with the Secretary.

(5) Section 1905(a) of the Act provides that “medical assistance” (Medicaid) payments may be applied to various hospital services. Regulations interpreting those provisions specify that hospitals receiving payment under Medicaid must meet the requirements for participation in Medicare (except in the case of medical supervision of nurse-midwife services. See §§ 440.10 and 440.165 of this chapter.).

(b) Scope. Except as provided in subpart A of part 488 of this chapter, the provisions of this part serve as the basis of survey activities for the purpose of determining whether a hospital qualifies for a provider agreement under Medicare and Medicaid.

[51 FR 22042, June 17, 1986, as amended at 60 FR 50442, Sept. 29, 1995]