42 CFR § 482.56 - Condition of participation: Rehabilitation services.

§ 482.56 Condition of participation: Rehabilitation services.

If the hospital provides rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, audiology, or speech pathology services, the services must be organized and staffed to ensure the health and safety of patients.

(a) Standard: Organization and staffing. The organization of the service must be appropriate to the scope of the services offered.

(1) The director of the services must have the necessary knowledge, experience, and capabilities to properly supervise and administer the services.

(2) Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology or audiology services, if provided, must be provided by qualified physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, speech-language pathologists, or audiologists as defined in part 484 of this chapter.

(b) Standard: Delivery of services. Services must only be provided under the orders of a qualified and licensed practitioner who is responsible for the care of the patient, acting within his or her scope of practice under State law, and who is authorized by the hospital's medical staff to order the services in accordance with hospital policies and procedures and State laws.

(1) All rehabilitation services orders must be documented in the patient's medical record in accordance with the requirements at § 482.24.

(2) The provision of care and the personnel qualifications must be in accordance with national acceptable standards of practice and must also meet the requirements of § 409.17 of this chapter.

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