42 CFR § 489.54 - Termination by the OIG.

§ 489.54 Termination by the OIG.

(a) Basis for termination.

(1) The OIG may terminate the agreement of any provider if the OIG finds that any of the following failings can be attributed to that provider.

(i) It has knowingly and willfully made, or caused to be made, any false statement or representation of a material fact for use in an application or request for payment under Medicare.

(ii) It has submitted, or caused to be submitted, requests for Medicare payment of amounts that substantially exceed the costs it incurred in furnishing the services for which payment is requested.

(iii) It has furnished services that the OIG has determined to be substantially in excess of the needs of individuals or of a quality that fails to meet professionally recognized standards of health care. The OIG will not terminate a provider agreement under paragraph (a) if CMS has waived a disallowance with respect to the services in question on the grounds that the provider and the beneficiary could not reasonably be expected to know that payment would not be made. (The rules for determining such lack of knowledge are set forth in §§ 405.330 through 405.334 of this chapter.)

(b) Notice of termination. The OIG will give the provider notice of termination at least 15 days before the effective date of termination of the agreement, and will concurrently give notice of termination to the public.

(c) Appeal by the provider. A provider may appeal a termination of its agreement by the OIG in accordance with subpart O of part 405 of this chapter.

(d) Other applicable rules. The termination of a provider agreement by the OIG is subject to the additional procedures specified in §§ 1001.105 through 1001.109 of this title for notice and appeals.

[51 FR 24492, July 3, 1986, as amended at 51 FR 34788, Sept. 30, 1986]