42 CFR § 491.11 - Program evaluation.

§ 491.11 Program evaluation.

(a) The clinic or center carries out, or arranges for, a biennial evaluation of its total program.

(b) The evaluation includes review of:

(1) The utilization of clinic or center services, including at least the number of patients served and the volume of services;

(2) A representative sample of both active and closed clinical records; and

(3) The clinic's or center's health care policies.

(c) The purpose of the evaluation is to determine whether:

(1) The utilization of services was appropriate;

(2) The established policies were followed; and

(3) Any changes are needed.

(d) The clinic or center staff considers the findings of the evaluation and takes corrective action if necessary.

[71 FR 55346, Sept. 22, 2006, as amended at 84 FR 51832, Sept. 30, 2019]