42 CFR § 493.1282 - Standard: Corrective actions.

§ 493.1282 Standard: Corrective actions.

(a) Corrective action policies and procedures must be available and followed as necessary to maintain the laboratory's operation for testing patient specimens in a manner that ensures accurate and reliable patient test results and reports.

(b) The laboratory must document all corrective actions taken, including actions taken when any of the following occur:

(1) Test systems do not meet the laboratory's verified or established performance specifications, as determined in § 493.1253(b), which include but are not limited to—

(i) Equipment or methodologies that perform outside of established operating parameters or performance specifications;

(ii) Patient test values that are outside of the laboratory's reportable range of test results for the test system; and

(iii) When the laboratory determines that the reference intervals (normal values) for a test procedure are inappropriate for the laboratory's patient population.

(2) Results of control or calibration materials, or both, fail to meet the laboratory's established criteria for acceptability. All patient test results obtained in the unacceptable test run and since the last acceptable test run must be evaluated to determine if patient test results have been adversely affected. The laboratory must take the corrective action necessary to ensure the reporting of accurate and reliable patient test results.

(3) The criteria for proper storage of reagents and specimens, as specified under § 493.1252(b), are not met.