42 CFR § 493.1820 - Ensuring timely correction of deficiencies.

§ 493.1820 Ensuring timely correction of deficiencies.

(a) Timing of visits. CMS, the State survey agency or other CMS agent may visit the laboratory at any time to evaluate progress, and at the end of the period to determine whether all corrections have been made.

(b) Deficiencies corrected before a visit. If during a visit, a laboratory produces credible evidence that it achieved compliance before the visit, the sanctions are lifted as of that earlier date.

(c) Failure to correct deficiencies. If during a visit it is found that the laboratory has not corrected its deficiencies, CMS may propose to suspend, limit, or revoke the laboratory's CLIA certificate.

(d) Additional time for correcting lower level deficiencies not at the condition level. If at the end of the plan of correction period all condition level deficiencies have been corrected, and there are deficiencies, that are not at the condition level, CMS may request a revised plan of correction. The revised plan may not extend beyond 12 months from the last day of the inspection that originally identified the cited deficiencies.

(e) Persistence of deficiencies. If at the end of the period covered by the plan of correction, the laboratory still has deficiencies, the rules of §§ 493.1814 and 493.1816 apply.