42 CFR § 498.32 - Notice and effect of reopening and revision.

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§ 498.32 Notice and effect of reopening and revision.

(a) Notice.

(1) CMS or the OIG, as appropriate, gives the affected party notice of reopening and of any revision of the reopened determination.

(2) The notice of revised determination states the basis or reason for the revised determination.

(3) If the determination is that a supplier or prospective supplier does not meet the conditions for coverage of its services, the notice specifies the conditions with respect to which the affected party fails to meet the requirements of law and regulations, and informs the party of its right to a hearing.

(b) Effect. A revised determination is binding unless

(1) The affected party requests a hearing before an ALJ; or

(2) CMS or the OIG further revises the revised determination.

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