42 CFR 61.20 - Inventions or discoveries.

§ 61.20 Inventions or discoveries.
Any fellowship award made hereunder is subject to the regulations of the Department of Health and Human Services set forth in title 45 CFR parts 6 and 8, as amended. Such regulations shall apply to any activity for which fellowship funds are in fact used, whether within the scope of the fellowship as approved or otherwise. Appropriate measures shall be taken by the fellow, the sponsoring institution, and the Surgeon General to assure that no contracts, assignments, or other arrangements inconsistent with the fellowship obligation are entered into or continued and that all personnel involved in the supported activity are aware of and comply with such obligation. Laboratory notes, related technical data and information pertaining to inventions or discoveries shall be maintained for such periods, and filed with or otherwise made available to the Surgeon General or those whom he may designate at such times and in such manner as he may determine necessary to comply with such Department regulations.

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