42 CFR § 63.8 - What are the terms and conditions of awards?

§ 63.8 What are the terms and conditions of awards?

All traineeships shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

(a) Training must be carried out at a facility of the NIH, but may be supplemented by additional training acquired at another institution which is found by the Director to be directly related to the purpose of the traineeship and necessary to its successful completion.

(b) Payments shall be made to the awardee or to the institution for payment to the awardee in accordance with payment schedules as prescribed by the Director for each traineeship program.

(c) The awardee shall reimburse NIH for any overpayment of stipends or other allowances because of early termination of the traineeship or any other reason, unless waived for good cause shown by the awardee.

(d) The Director may establish procedures and requirements applicable to traineeship awards, consistent with the regulations in this part, regarding: (1) The proper conduct of research investigations, including research involving human and animal subjects; (2) patient care; (3) hospital and laboratory procedures; (4) handling of confidential information; (5) outside employment; and (6) additional conditions the Director finds necessary to fulfill the purpose of the traineeship.

(e) The awardee shall sign an agreement to comply with the terms and conditions of the traineeship.