42 CFR § 67.11 - Definitions.

§ 67.11 Definitions.

As used in this subpart—

Administrator means the Administrator and any other officer or employee of the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research to whom the authority involved may be delegated.

Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) means that unit of the Department of Health and Human Services established by section 901 of the Public Health Service Act.

Direct costs means the costs that can be identified specifically with a particular cost objective, such as compensation of employees for the time and effort devoted specifically to the approved project, and the costs of materials acquired, consumed, or expended specifically for the purpose of the approved project.

Grant means an award of financial assistance as defined in 45 CFR Part 75, including cooperative agreements.

Grantee means the organizational entity or individual to which a grant, including a cooperative agreement, under Title IX of the Public Health Service Act or section 1142 of the Social Security Act and this subpart is awarded and which is responsible and accountable both for the use of the funds provided and for the performance of the grant-supported project or activities. The grantee is the entire legal entity even if only a particular component is designated in the award document.

Nonprofit as applied to a private entity, means that no part of the net earnings of such entity inures or may lawfully inure to the benefit of any shareholder or individual.

Peer review group means a panel of experts, established under section 922(c) of the PHS Act, who by virtue of their training or experience are eminently qualified to carry out the duties of such peer review group as set out in this subpart. Officers and employees of the United States may not constitute more than 25 percent of the membership of any such group under this subpart.

PHS Act means the Public Health Service Act, as amended.

Principal investigator means a single individual, designated in the grant application and approved by the Administrator, who is responsible for the scientific and technical direction of the project.

Social Security Act means the Social Security Act, as amended.

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