42 CFR § 90.4 - Contents of requests for health assessments.

§ 90.4 Contents of requests for health assessments.

(a) Each request for a health assessment shall contain:

(1) The name, address (including zip code), and telephone number of the requestor;

(2) The organization or group the requestor represents, if any;

(3) The name, location, and description of the facility or release of concern;

(4) A statement providing information that individuals have been exposed to a hazardous substance and that the probable source is a release, or sufficient information to allow the Administrator to make such a finding;

(5) A statement requesting ATSDR to perform a health assessment.

(b) At his or her discretion, consistent with the requirements of CERCLA, the Administrator may decide not to require the preceding information be submitted with a request for a health assessment.

(c) Each request for a health assessment should include, where possible:

(1) Any other information pertaining to the facility or release, such as the nature and amount of the hazardous substances of concern or the identities of parties believed to be potentially responsible for the release;

(2) Potential pathways for human exposure, including a description of the media contaminated (e.g. soil, groundwater, air, etc.);

(3) The demographic nature and proximity of the potentially affected human population; and

(4) Other Federal, State, or local governmental agencies which were notified or that investigated the facility or release.

(d) This data collection has been reviewed and approved by OMB in accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act and assigned the control number 0920-0204.

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