42 CFR § 93.105 - Time limitations.

§ 93.105 Time limitations.

(a) Six-year limitation. This part applies only to research misconduct occurring within six years of the date HHS or an institution receives an allegation of research misconduct.

(b) Exceptions to the six-year limitation. Paragraph (a) of this section does not apply in the following instances:

(1) Subsequent use exception. The respondent continues or renews any incident of alleged research misconduct that occurred before the six-year limitation through the citation, republication or other use for the potential benefit of the respondent of the research record that is alleged to have been fabricated, falsified, or plagiarized.

(2) Health or safety of the public exception. If ORI or the institution, following consultation with ORI, determines that the alleged misconduct, if it occurred, would possibly have a substantial adverse effect on the health or safety of the public.

(3) “Grandfather” exception. If HHS or an institution received the allegation of research misconduct before the effective date of this part.