43 CFR § 11.20 - Notification and detection.

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§ 11.20 Notification and detection.

(a) Notification.

(1) Section 104(b)(2) of CERCLA requires prompt notification of Federal and State natural resource trustees of potential damages to natural resources under investigation and requires coordination of the assessments, investigations, and planning under section 104 of CERCLA with such trustees.

(2) The NCP provides for the OSC or lead agency to notify the natural resource trustee when natural resources have been or are likely to be injured by a discharge of oil or a release of a hazardous substance being investigated under the NCP.

(3) Natural resource trustees, upon such notification described in paragraphs (a) (1) and (2) of this section, shall take such actions, as may be consistent with the NCP.

(b) Previously unreported discharges or releases. If a natural resource trustee identifies or is informed of apparent injuries to natural resources that appear to be a result of a previously unidentified or unreported discharge of oil or release of a hazardous substance, he should first make reasonable efforts to determine whether a discharge or release has taken place. In the case of a discharge or release not yet reported or being investigated under the NCP, the natural resource trustee shall report that discharge or release to the appropriate authority as designated in the NCP.

(c) Identification of co-trustees. The natural resource trustee should assist the OSC or lead agency, as needed, in identifying other natural resource trustees whose resources may be affected as a result of shared responsibility for the resources and who should be notified.

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