43 CFR § 2.38 - What are the requester fee categories?

§ 2.38 What are the requester fee categories?

(a) There are four categories of requesters for the purposes of determining fees - commercial-use, educational and noncommercial scientific institutions, representatives of news media, and all others.

(b) The bureau's decision to place you in a particular fee category will be made on a case-by-case basis based on your intended use of the information and, in most cases, your identity. If you do not submit sufficient information in your FOIA request for the bureau to determine your proper fee category, the bureau may ask you to provide additional information (see § 2.51 of this subpart). If you request placement in a particular fee category but the bureau places you in a different fee category, the bureau will provide you with an explanation of why you were not placed in the fee category you requested (for example, if you were placed in the commercial use requester category rather than the category you requested, the bureau will describe how the records would further your commercial, trade, or profit interests).

(c) See § 2.70 of this part for the definitions of each of these fee categories.

[77 FR 76906, Dec. 31, 2012, as amended at 81 FR 11129, Mar. 3, 2016]

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