43 CFR § 2.6 - How will fee information affect the processing of your request?

§ 2.6 How will fee information affect the processing of your request?

(a) Your request must explicitly state that you will pay all fees associated with processing the request, that you will pay fees up to a specified amount, and/or that you are seeking a fee waiver.

(b) If, after taking into consideration your fee category entitlements (see § 2.39 of this part), the bureau anticipates processing costs will exceed $50.00 (see § 2.37(g) of this part) and these processing costs exceed the amount you have agreed to pay or you did not agree in writing to pay processing fees or request a fee waiver, the bureau will notify you:

(1) Of the estimated processing fees;

(2) Of its need for either an advance payment (see § 2.50 of this part) or your written assurance that you will pay the anticipated fees (or fees up to a specified amount); and

(3) That it will not be able to fully comply with your request unless you provide a fee waiver request and/or the requested written assurance or advance payment.

(c) If the bureau does not receive a written response from you within 20 workdays after requesting the information in paragraph (b) of this section, it will presume that you are no longer interested in the records and will close the file on the request.

(d) If you are seeking a fee waiver, your request must include a justification that addresses and meets the criteria in §§ 2.45 and 2.48 of this part. Failure to provide sufficient justification will result in a denial of the fee waiver request. If you are seeking a fee waiver, you may also indicate the amount you are willing to pay if the fee waiver is denied. This allows the bureau to process the request for records while it considers your fee waiver request. You may also inform us of why you believe your request meets one or more of the criteria for a discretionary fee waiver under § 2.56 of this part.

(e) The bureau will begin processing your request only after all issues regarding fees are resolved.

(f) If you are required to pay a fee and it is later determined on appeal that you were entitled to a full or partial fee waiver or placement in a different fee category, you will receive an appropriate refund.

[77 FR 76902, Dec. 31, 2012, as amended at 81 FR 11128, Mar. 3, 2016; 84 FR 61826, Nov. 14, 2019]

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