43 CFR § 2.66 - What are FOIA Requester Centers and the FOIA Public Liaison?

§ 2.66 What are FOIA Requester Centers and the FOIA Public Liaison?

(a) FOIA Requester Centers typically serve as your first point of contact for questions about how the FOIA works. Before and after you make a request, FOIA Requester Centers can assist you by:

(1) Identifying information that is already posted and available;

(2) Informing you about the types of records maintained by the bureau;

(3) Providing guidance on formulating effective requests;

(4) Describing the Department's various processing tracks and the average processing times for the various tracks;

(5) Answering questions about expedited processing standards and the FOIA's fee provisions; and

(6) Answering questions about the status of an existing request.

(b) The FOIA Public Liaison is responsible for:

(1) Assisting in reducing delays;

(2) Increasing transparency and understanding of the status of requests; and

(3) Assisting in the resolution of disputes between you and the agency.

(c) If you need further information or assistance after contacting the applicable FOIA Requester Center and the FOIA Public Liaison, you may wish to seek dispute resolution services from the Office of Government Information Services.

(d) Contact information for the FOIA Requester Centers and FOIA Public Liaison is available at https://www.doi.gov/foia/foiacenters.

[84 FR 61829, Nov. 14, 2019]

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