43 CFR § 2091.1 - Action on applications and mining claims.

§ 2091.1 Action on applications and mining claims.

(a) Except where the law and regulations provide otherwise, all applications shall be accepted for filing. However, applications which are accepted for filing shall be rejected and cannot be held pending possible future availability of the lands or interests in lands, except those that apply to selections made by the State of Alaska under section 906(e) of the Alaska National Interest Land Conservation Act and selections made by Alaska Native Corporations under section 3(e) of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, when approval of the application is prevented by:

(1) A withdrawal, reservation, classification, or management decision applicable to the lands;

(2) An allowed entry or selection of lands;

(3) A lease which grants the lessee exclusive use of the lands;

(4) Classifications existing under appropriate law:

(5) Segregation due to an application previously filed under appropriate law and regulations;

(6) Segregation resulting from a notice of realty action previously published in the Federal Register under appropriate regulations; and

(7) The fact that, for any reason, the lands have not been made subject to, restored or opened to operation of the public land laws, including the mineral laws.

(b) Lands may not be appropriated under the mining laws prior to the date and time of restoration and opening. Any such attempted appropriation, including attempted adverse possession under 30 U.S.C. 38, vests no rights against the United States. Actions required to establish a mining claim location and to initiate a right of possession are governed by State laws where those laws are not in conflict with Federal law. The Bureau of Land Management does not intervene in disputes between rival locators over possessory rights because Congress has provided for the resolution of these matters in local courts.

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