43 CFR § 2804.19 - How will BLM process my Processing Category 6 application?

§ 2804.19 How will BLM process my Processing Category 6 application?

(a) For Processing Category 6 applications, you and the BLM must enter into a written agreement that describes how the BLM will process your application. The final agreement consists of a work plan, a financial plan, and a description of any existing agreements you have with other Federal agencies for cost reimbursement associated with your application.

(b) In processing your application, BLM will:

(1) Determine the issues subject to analysis under NEPA;

(2) Prepare a preliminary work plan;

(3) Develop a preliminary financial plan, which estimates the reasonable costs of processing your application and monitoring your project;

(4) Discuss with you:

(i) The preliminary plans and data;

(ii) The availability of funds and personnel;

(iii) Your options for the timing of processing and monitoring fee payments; and

(iv) Financial information you must submit; and

(5) Complete final scoping and develop final work and financial plans which reflect any work you have agreed to do. BLM will also present you with the final estimate of the reasonable costs you must reimburse BLM, including the cost for monitoring the project, using the factors in §§ 2804.20 and 2804.21 of this subpart.

(c) BLM retains the option to prepare any environmental documents related to your application. If BLM allows you to prepare any environmental documents and conduct any studies that BLM needs to process your application, you must do the work following BLM standards. For this purpose, you and BLM may enter into a written agreement. BLM will make the final determinations and conclusions arising from such work.

(d) BLM will periodically, as stated in the agreement, estimate processing costs for a specific work period and notify you of the amount due. You must pay the amount due before BLM will continue working on your application. If your payment exceeds the reasonable costs that BLM incurred for the work, BLM will either adjust the next billing to reflect the excess, or refund you the excess under 43 U.S.C. 1734. You may not deduct any amount from a payment without BLM's prior written approval.

(e) We may collect reimbursement for reasonable costs to the United States for processing applications and other documents under this part relating to the public lands.

[70 FR 21058, Apr. 22, 2005, as amended at 81 FR 92209, Dec. 19, 2016]