43 CFR § 2812.3-2 - Other roads and rights-of-way controlled by applicant.

§ 2812.3-2 Other roads and rights-of-way controlled by applicant.

In addition to the private road systems and rights-of-way described in § 2812.3–1 in the event the applicant controls directly or indirectly other roads or rights-of-way in any O. and C. area where the authorized officer of the Bureau finds that, as of the time of filing or during the pendency of the application, the United States is unreasonably denied access to its timber for management purposes or where, as of such time, competitive bidding by all prospective purchasers of timber managed by the Bureau in the O. and C. area, or of other Federal timber intermingled with or adjacent to such timber, is substantially precluded by reason of the applicant's control, direct or indirect, of such roads or rights-of-way, the authorized officer may require the applicant to negotiate an agreement granting to the United States and its licensees the right to use, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this paragraph such portion of such roads or rights-of-way as may be necessary to accommodate such management or competitive bidding.