43 CFR § 2812.5-2 - Payment to the United States for road use.

§ 2812.5-2 Payment to the United States for road use.

(a) A permittee shall pay a basic fee of $5 per year per mile or fraction thereof for the use of any existing road or of any road constructed by the permittee upon the right-of-way. If the term of the permit is for 5 years or less, the entire basic fee must be paid in advance of the issuance of the permit. If the term of the permit is longer than 5 years, the basic fee for each 5-year period or for the remainder of the last period, if less than 5 years, must be paid in advance at 5-year intervals: Provided, however, That in those cases where the permittee has executed under §§ 2812.3–1 to 2812.3–5 an agreement respecting the use of roads, rights-of-way or lands, no such basic fee shall be paid: Provided further, This paragraph shall not apply where payment for road use is required under § 2812.3–1(b).

(b) Where the permittee receives a right to use a road constructed or acquired by the United States, which road is under the administrative jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management, the permittee will be required to pay to the United States a fee to be determined by the authorized officer who may also fix the rate at which payments shall be made by the permittee during his use of the road. The authorized officer shall base his determination upon the amortization of the replacement costs for a road of the type involved, together with a reasonable interest allowance on such costs plus costs of maintenance if furnished by the United States and any extraordinary costs peculiar to the construction or acquisition of the particular road. In the case of federally acquired or constructed access roads, an allowance representing a reasonable allocation for recreational or other authorized uses shall be deducted from the replacement costs of the road before the amortization item is computed. A similar allowance and deduction shall be made in cases involving roads constructed as a part of a timber sale contract when, and if, subsequent to completion of such contract any such road becomes subject to recreational or other authorized uses. In arriving at the amortization item, the authorized officer shall take into account the probable period of time, past and present, during which such road may be in existence, and the volume of timber which has been moved, and the volume of timber currently merchantable which probably will be moved from all sources over such road: Provided, however, That this subdivision shall not apply where the permittee transports forest products purchased from the United States through the Bureau of Land Management, or where payment for such road use to another permittee is required under this subpart 2812: Provided further, That where the United States is entitled to charge a fee for the use of a road, the authorized officer may waive such fee if the permittee grants to the United States and its licensees the right to use, without charge, permittee's roads of approximately equal value as determined under the methods provided in this subdivision and § 2812.4–1(b), as may be applicable.

(c) If an application is filed to use a road built on O. and C. lands by the applicant or his predecessor in interest under a permit which has expired, the authorized officer may issue a new permit which provides that as to such road the applicant's road use payments shall be determined in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section except that he shall be required to pay a road use fee which is adequate to amortize only his proportionate share of any capital improvements which have been or may be placed on the road by the United States or its licensees together with a reasonable interest allowance thereon plus cost of maintenance if furnished by the United States: Provided, however, That if the application is for use of a road which has been built by a predecessor in interest the permit shall provide that the applicant may use the road only for the purpose of reaching the lands of the predecessor in interest that were served by the road. As a condition for the granting of such a permit, the applicant must comply with §§ 2812.3–1 to 2812.3–5 to the extent that rights-of-way and road use rights are needed to manage lands of the United States or to remove timber therefrom.