43 CFR § 2920.9-1 - Construction phase.

§ 2920.9-1 Construction phase.

(a) Unless otherwise stated in the land use authorization, construction may proceed immediately upon receipt and acceptance of the land use authorization by the selected applicant.

(b) Where an authorization to use public lands provides that no construction shall occur until specific permission to begin construction is granted, no construction shall occur until an appropriate Notice to Proceed has been issued by the authorized officer, following the submission and approval of required plans or documents.

(c) The authorized officer shall inspect and monitor construction as necessary, to assure compliance with approved plans and protection of the resources, the environment and the public health, safety and welfare.

(d) The holder of a land use authorization may be required to designate a field representative who can accept and act on guidance and instructions from the authorized officer.

(e) The holder of a land use authorization may be required to provide proof of construction to the approved plan and required standards. Thereafter, operation of the authorized facilities may begin.

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