43 CFR § 3101.7-2 - Action by the Bureau of Land Management.

§ 3101.7-2 Action by the Bureau of Land Management.

(a) Where the surface managing agency has consented to leasing with required stipulations, and the Secretary decides to issue a lease, the authorized officer shall incorporate the stipulations into any lease which it may issue. The authorized officer may add additional stipulations.

(b) The authorized officer shall not issue a lease and shall reject any lease offer on lands to which the surface managing agency objects or withholds consent required by statute. In all other instances, the Secretary has the final authority and discretion to decide to issue a lease.

(c) The authorized officer shall review all recommendations and shall accept all reasonable recommendations of the surface managing agency.

[48 FR 33662, July 22, 1983. Redesignated and amended at 53 FR 22836, June 17, 1988]

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