43 CFR § 3105.2-3 - Requirements.

§ 3105.2-3 Requirements.

(a) The communitization or drilling agreement shall describe the separate tracts comprising the drilling or spacing unit, shall show the apportionment of the production or royalties to the several parties and the name of the operator, and shall contain adequate provisions for the protection of the interests of the United States. The agreement shall be signed by or on behalf of all necessary parties and shall be filed prior to the expiration of the Federal lease(s) involved in order to confer the benefits of the agreement upon such lease(s).

(b) The agreement shall be effective as to the Federal lease(s) involved only if approved by the authorized officer. Approved communitization agreements are considered effective from the date of the agreement or from the date of the onset of production from the communitized formation, whichever is earlier, except when the spacing unit is subject to a State pooling order after the date of first sale, then the effective date of the agreement may be the effective date of the order.

(c) The public interest requirement for an approved communitization agreement shall be satisfied only if the well dedicated thereto has been completed for production in the communitized formation at the time the agreement is approved or, if not, that the operator thereafter commences and/or diligently continues drilling operations to a depth sufficient to test the communitized formation or establish to the satisfaction of the authorized officer that further drilling of the well would be unwarranted or impracticable. If an application is received for voluntary termination of a communitization agreement during its fixed term or such an agreement automatically expires at the end of its fixed term without the public interest requirement having been satisfied, the approval of that agreement by the authorized officer shall be invalid and no Federal lease shall be eligible for extension under § 3107.4 of this title.

[53 FR 17355, May 16, 1988]