43 CFR § 3105.6 - Consolidation of leases.

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§ 3105.6 Consolidation of leases.

BLM may approve consolidation of leases if we determine that there is sufficient justification and it is in the public interest. Each application for a consolidation of leases must include payment of the processing fee found in the fee schedule in § 3000.12 of this chapter. Each application for consolidation of leases shall be considered on its own merits. Leases to different lessees for different terms, rental and royalty rates, and those containing provisions required by law that cannot be reconciled, shall not be consolidated. The effective date of a consolidated lease shall be that of the oldest lease involved in the consolidation.

[53 FR 17355, May 16, 1988, as amended at 70 FR 58874, Oct. 7, 2005]