43 CFR § 3274.11 - What must I give BLM to approve my commercial use permit application?

§ 3274.11 What must I give BLM to approve my commercial use permit application?

Submit a completed and signed commercial permit form, to BLM, containing the following information:

(a) The design specifications, and the inspection and calibration schedule of production, injection, and royalty meters;

(b) A schematic diagram of the utilization site or individual well, showing the location of each production and royalty meter. If the sales point is located off the utilization site, give us a generalized schematic diagram of the electrical transmission or pipeline system, including meter locations;

(c) A copy of the sales contract for the sale and/or utilization of geothermal resources;

(d) A description and analysis of reservoir, production, and injection characteristics, including the flow rates, temperatures, and pressures of each production and injection well;

(e) A schematic diagram of each production and injection well showing the wellhead configuration, including meters;

(f) A schematic flow diagram of the utilization facility, including interconnections with other facilities, if applicable;

(g) A description of the utilization process in sufficient detail to enable BLM to determine whether the resource will be utilized in a manner consistent with law and regulations;

(h) The planned safety provisions for emergency shutdown to protect public health, safety, property, and the environment. This should include a schedule for the testing and maintenance of safety devices;

(i) The environmental and operational parameters that will be monitored during the operation of the facility and/or well(s); and

(j) Any additional information or data that we may require.

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