43 CFR § 3422.4 - Award of lease.

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§ 3422.4 Award of lease.

(a) After the authorized officer has accepted a high qualified bid, and the Attorney General has not objected to lease issuance or the procedures in § 3422.3-4(e)(2) of this title have been completed, the authorized officer shall send 4 copies of the lease form to the successful bidder. The successful bidder shall complete, sign and return these forms and shall: pay the balance of the bonus bid, if required; pay the first year's rental; pay the proportionate share of the cost of publishing the notice of sale; and file a lease bond. Upon receipt of the above, the authorized officer shall execute the lease.

(b) If the successful bidder dies before the lease is issued, the provisions of § 3472.2-4 of this title shall apply.

(c) At least half of the acreage offered for competitive lease in any 1 year shall be offered on a deferred bonus payment basis. In a deferred bonus payment, the lessee shall pay the bonus in 5 equal installments; the first installment shall be submitted with the bid. The balance shall be paid in equal annual installments due and payable on the next 4 anniversary dates of the lease. If a lease is relinquished or otherwise cancelled or terminated, the unpaid remainder of the bid shall be immediately payable to the United States.

(d) If the successful bidder fails to comply with any requirement of paragraph (a) of this section or of § 3422.3-4 of this title, the deposit on the successful bid shall be forfeited to the United States.

(e) If the lease cannot be awarded for reasons determined by the authorized officer to be beyond the control of the successful bidder, the deposit submitted with the bid shall be refunded.

[47 FR 33141, July 30, 1982]