43 CFR § 3436.1-2 - Federal coal deposits subject to lease by exchange.

§ 3436.1-2 Federal coal deposits subject to lease by exchange.

The lease offered by the Secretary in exchange for existing coal leases shall be for Federal coal deposits determined to be acceptable for further consideration for coal leasing pursuant to § 3420.1-5 or § 3420.2-3 of this title.

(a) Any person meeting the requirements of § 3436.1-1(a) of this title may apply for a lease exchange. No special form of application is required.

(b) The Secretary shall evaluate each exchange request to determine whether the proponent is qualified and whether the exchange serves the public interest. The exchange shall be processed in accordance with the procedures in subpart 3435 of this title for other lease and lease interest exchanges.

(c) After the Secretary and the exchange proponent have agreed to terms pursuant to § 3435.3-3 of this title, the Secretary may elect to consider the exchange proposal in conjunction with the activity planning process for the coal production region in which the lands proposed to be leased are located pursuant to § 3420.3 of this title. If the Secretary elects to process the exchange proposal in this manner, the tracts identified for use in the lease exchange shall be:

(1) Delineated for analysis pursuant to § 3420.3-3 of this title;

(2) Ranked as having high desirability pursuant to § 3420.3-4(a) of this title; and

(3) Selected for inclusion for analysis purposes in alternative proposed lease sale schedules pursuant to § 3420.3-4(c) of this title. Such tracts shall then be the subject of environmental analysis, public comment and consultation pursuant to §§ 3420.3 and 3420.4 of this title.

(d) If the Secretary elects to process the exchange proposal independently of the activity planning process, the Secretary shall consider the environmental and resource information acquired during the land use planning process and found in the most recent regional environmental impact statement completed under the Federal coal management program. An environmental assessment or environmental impact statement shall be prepared on the proposed exchange prior to the public hearings and consultation required by §§ 3435.3-5 through 3435.3-7 of this title.

(e) In determining under § 3435.3-4 of this title the estimated value of the lease or preference right lease application to be relinquished, the Secretary shall proceed as though there were no prohibitions on surface mining operations on the lands covered by the lease or preference right lease application.

(f) The exchange proponent shall bear all administrative costs of the exchange, including the cost of establishing the value of each lease involved in the exchange, if the exchange is completed.

[47 FR 33145, July 30, 1982, as amended at 50 FR 42023, Oct. 17, 1985]

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