43 CFR § 3436.2-3 - Exchange procedures.

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§ 3436.2-3 Exchange procedures.

(a) Any person meeting the requirements of § 3436.2-1(a) of this title may apply for an exchange. No special form of application is required. Any exchange proposal should be directed to the District Manager for the Bureau of Land Management district in which the Federal coal deposits are located.

(b) The Secretary shall evaluate each exchange request to determine whether the proponent is qualified.

(c) After the authorized officer and the owner of the coal deposit underlying an alluvial valley floor identify Federal coal deposits that are suitable for consideration for disposition through exchange, the exchange shall be processed in accordance with part 2200 of this title, except as provided in this section.

(d) The Secretary may consolidate the environmental analysis for the proposed exchange with the regional environmental impact statement prepared on alternative leasing schedules for the coal production region in which the Federal coal deposits are located pursuant to § 3420.3-4 of this title. If the environmental analysis is not so consolidated, the Secretary shall consider environmental and other resource information obtained during the land use planning process or at other stages of the coal management program in preparing an appropriate environmental analysis or environmental impact statement on the proposed exchange.

(e) Exchanges shall be made on an equal value basis, provided that values of the lands exchanged may be equalized by the payment of money to the grantor or the Secretary so long as the payment does not exceed 25 percent of the total value of the lands or interests transferred out of Federal ownership. In determining the value of the coal deposit underlying or near an alluvial valley floor, the Secretary shall proceed as though there were no prohibition on surface coal mining operations on the property.

[47 FR 33145, July 30, 1982, as amended at 50 FR 42023, Oct. 17, 1985]

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