43 CFR § 3473.3-2 - Royalties.

§ 3473.3-2 Royalties.


(1) A lease shall require payment of a royalty of not less than 12 1/2 percent of the value of the coal removed from a surface mine.

(2) A lease shall require payment of a royalty of 8 percent of the value of coal removed from an underground mine.

(3) The value of coal removed from a mine is defined for royalty purposes in § 3483.4 of this title.

(b) The royalty rates specified in paragraph (a) of this section shall be applied to new leases at the time of issuance and to previously issued leases at the time of the next scheduled readjustment of the lease.

(c) The authorized officer shall have the discretion, upon the request of the lessee, to authorize the payment of an advance royalty in lieu of continued operation for any particular year in accordance with § 3485.2 of this title.

(d) An overriding royalty interest, production payment or similar interest that exceeds 50 percent of royalty first payable to the United States under the Federal lease, or when added to any other overriding royalty interest exceeds that precentage, except those created in order to finance a mine, shall not be created by a Federal lease transfer or surface owner consent. However, when an interest in a Federal lease or operating agreement is transferred, the transferor may retain an overriding royalty in excess of the above limitation if he/she shows that he/she has made substantial investments for improvements directly related to exploration, development and mining on the lands covered by the transfer that would justify a higher payment.

(e) The Secretary, whenever he/she determines it necessary to promote development or finds that the lease cannot be successfully operated under its terms, may waive, suspend or reduce the rental, or reduce the royalty but not advance royalty, on an entire leasehold, or on any deposit, tract or portion thereof, except that in no case shall the royalty be reduced to zero percent. An application for any of these benefits shall be filed with the authorized officer in accordance with part 3480 of this title.

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