43 CFR § 36.3 - Preapplication.

§ 36.3 Preapplication.

(a) Anyone interested in obtaining approval of a TUS is encouraged to establish early contact with each appropriate Federal agency so that filing procedures and details may be discussed, resource concerns and potential constraints may be identified, the proposal may be considered in agency planning, preapplication activities may be discussed and processing of an application may be tentatively scheduled.

(b) Reasonable preapplication activities in areas shall be permitted following a determination by the appropriate Federal agency that the activities are necessary to obtain information for filing the SF 299, that the activities would not cause significant or permanent damage to the values for which the area was established or unreasonably interfere with other authorized uses or activities and that it would not significantly restrict subsistence uses. In areas administered by the NPS or the FWS, a permit shall be obtained from the appropriate agency prior to engaging in any preapplication activities. Prior to approval and issuance of such a permit, the appropriate Federal agencies must find that the proposed preapplication activity is compatible with the purposes for which the area was established.