43 CFR § 4.1184 - Contents of application.

§ 4.1184 Contents of application.

(a) Any person filing an application for expedited review under section 525(b) of the act shall incorporate in that application regarding each claim for relief -

(1) A statement of facts entitling that person to administrative relief;

(2) A request for specific relief;

(3) A specific statement which delineates each issue to be addressed by the applicant during the expedited proceeding;

(4) A copy of the order sought to be reviewed;

(5) A list identifying each of applicant's witnesses by name, address, and place of employment, including expert witnesses and the area of expertise to which they will address themselves at the hearing, and a detailed summary of their testimony;

(6) Copies of all exhibits and other documentary evidence that the applicant intends to introduce as evidence at the hearing and descriptions of all physical exhibits and evidence which is not capable of being copied or attached; and

(7) Any other relevant information.

(b) If any applicant fails to comply with all the requirements of § 4.1184(a), the administrative law judge may find that the applicant has waived the 30-day decision requirement or the administrative law judge shall order that the application be perfected and the application shall not be considered filed for purposes of the 30-day decision until perfected. Failure to timely comply with the administrative law judge's order shall constitute a waiver of the 30-day decision.

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