43 CFR § 4.414 - Answers.

§ 4.414 Answers.

(a) Any person served with a notice of appeal who wishes to participate in the appeal must file an answer or appropriate motion with the Board within 30 days after service of the statement of reasons for appeal. The answer must respond to the statement of reasons for appeal.

(b) Unless the Board orders otherwise upon motion for good cause shown:

(1) The text of the answer or motion may not exceed 30 pages, excluding exhibits, declarations, or other attachments; and

(2) The party may not file any further pleading.

(c) Failure to file an answer or motion will not result in a default. If an answer or motion is filed or served after the time required, the Board may disregard it in deciding the appeal, unless the delay in filing is waived as provided in § 4.401(a).

(d) The requirements of § 4.401(d) apply to an answer or motion.

[75 FR 64666, Oct. 20, 2010]