43 CFR § 422.3 - Reclamation law enforcement policy.

§ 422.3 Reclamation law enforcement policy.

The law enforcement policy of Reclamation is:

(a) To maintain an accountable, professional law enforcement program on Reclamation project facilities, and to protect Federal project lands and their occupants. Reclamation will meet its law enforcement responsibilities by establishing and promoting a law enforcement program which maintains law and order, and protects persons and property within Reclamation property and on Reclamation lands;

(b) To entrust law enforcement authority only to persons deemed to be qualified, competent law enforcement professionals;

(c) To maintain a continuing review and evaluation of Reclamation's law enforcement programs and operations to ensure compliance with applicable Federal laws, regulations, and policies of the Department;

(d) To ensure that approved standards are attained and maintained by each law enforcement unit undertaking a contract or cooperative agreement;

(e) To increase the effectiveness of law enforcement through the efficient handling and exchange of criminal and intelligence information with other Federal, State, local, and tribal agencies, as appropriate;

(f) To provide the public prompt access to information concerning its law enforcement program in accordance with the spirit and intent of the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552; Department FOIA Regulations, 43 CFR 2; and 383 DM 15, Freedom of Information Act Handbook (see www.doi.gov);

(g) To ensure that the use of force by agency personnel under contracts or cooperative agreements with Reclamation complies with the Constitution and the law of the United States; and

(h) To negotiate contracts and cooperative agreements under this part to ensure that:

(1) Reclamation retains flexibility to meet its law enforcement needs; and

(2) Entities entering into contracts and cooperative agreements are appropriately reimbursed.