43 CFR § 422.4 - Responsibilities of the Commissioner of Reclamation.

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§ 422.4 Responsibilities of the Commissioner of Reclamation.

(a) The Secretary of the Interior has designated the Commissioner of Reclamation to implement law enforcement authority at Reclamation facilities. The Commissioner is responsible for:

(1) Implementing the provisions of Public Law 107–69;

(2) Ensuring consistency with applicable Departmental and Reclamation requirements for law enforcement officers;

(3) Carrying out the specific responsibilities listed in paragraph (b) of this section; and

(4) Developing any additional policies necessary for the successful accomplishment of Reclamation's law enforcement responsibilities.

(b) The Commissioner's specific responsibilities include the following:

(1) Designating Reclamation's Law Enforcement Administrator (LEA), with authority to discharge the responsibilities assigned by these regulations;

(2) Overseeing the LEA's ability to ensure that all law enforcement officers under contract or cooperative agreement for law enforcement services to Reclamation are properly trained and receive necessary authorizations; and

(3) Overseeing the LEA's development of policy, procedures, and standards for directing the law enforcement units, and the installation of management controls for proper implementation of the law enforcement program.