43 CFR § 428.5 - Required information.

§ 428.5 Required information.

(a) We will determine which forms you must use to submit the information required by this section.

(b) You must declare all nonexempt land to which you provide services westwide.

(c) You must give us other information about your compliance with Federal reclamation law, including but not limited to:

(1) Identifier information, such as your name, address, telephone number;

(2) If you are a legal entity, information concerning your organizational structure and part owners;

(3) Information about the land to which you provide services, such as a legal description, and the number of acres;

(4) Information about whether you formerly owned, as ineligible excess land or under recordable contract, the land to which you are providing services;

(5) Information about the services you provide, such as what they are, who decides when they are needed, and how much control you have over the daily operation of the land;

(6) If you provide different services to different land parcels, a list of services that you provide to each parcel;

(7) Whether you can use your agreement with a landholder as collateral in any loan;

(8) Whether you can sue or be sued in the name of the landholding; and

(9) Whether you are authorized to apply for any Federal assistance from the United States Department of Agriculture in the name of the landholding.