43 CFR § 8365.1-1 - Sanitation.

§ 8365.1-1 Sanitation.

(a) Whenever practicable, visitors shall pack their trash for disposal at home.

(b) On all public lands, no person shall, unless otherwise authorized:

(1) Dispose of any cans, bottles and other nonflammable trash and garbage except in designated places or receptacles;

(2) Dispose of flammable trash or garbage except by burning in authorized fires, or disposal in designated places or receptacles;

(3) Drain sewage or petroleum products or dump refuse or waste other than wash water from any trailer or other vehicle except in places or receptacles provided for that purpose;

(4) Dispose of any household, commercial or industrial refuse or waste brought as such from private or municipal property;

(5) Pollute or contaminate water supplies or water used for human consumption; or

(6) Use a refuse container or disposal facility for any purpose other than for which it is supplied.