43 CFR § 8365.2-3 - Occupancy and use.

§ 8365.2-3 Occupancy and use.

In developed camping and picnicking areas, no person shall, unless otherwise authorized:

(a) Pitch any tent, park any trailer, erect any shelter or place any other camping equipment in any area other than the place designed for it within a designated campsite;

(b) Leave personal property unattended for more than 24 hours in a day use area, or 72 hours in other areas. Personal property left unattended beyond such time limit is subject to disposition under the Federal Property and Administration Services Act of 1949, as amended (40 U.S.C. 484(m));

(c) Build any fire except in a stove, grill, fireplace or ring provided for such purpose;

(d) Enter or remain in campgrounds closed during established night periods except as an occupant or while visiting persons occupying the campgrounds for camping purposes;

(e) Occupy a site with more people than permitted within the developed campsite; or.

(f) Move any table, stove, barrier, litter receptacle or other campground equipment.

[75 FR 27455, May 17, 2010]