43 CFR Part 2, Appendix B to Part 2 - Internet Addresses

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Appendix B to Part 2—Internet Addresses
1. Department of the Interior (DOI) Home Page: http://www.doi.gov
2. DOI FOIA Home Page: http://www.doi.gov/foia/
3. DOI Reference Guide for Obtaining Information: http://www.doi.gov/foia/foitabl.htm
4. List of DOI Public Affairs Offices: http://www.doi.gov/foia/list.html
6. DOI FOIA Regulations (43 CFR, Part 2, Subparts A and B): http://www.doi.gov/foia/foiaregs.html
7. DOI FOIA Policy and Guidance: http://www.doi.gov/foia/policy.html
8. Electronic Reading Room: http://www.doi.gov/foia/readroom.html
9. Index of Frequently Requested Documents: http://www.doi.gov/foia/freq.html
10. DOI's Frequently Requested Documents: http://www.doi.gov/foia/frrindex.html
11. FOIA Annual Reports to Congress: http://www.doi.gov/foia/report.html
12. DOI's Library: http://library.doi.gov
13. General Records Schedule 14, Information Services Records: http://ardor.nara.gov/grs/grs14.html
14. DOI Records Management Program: http://www.doi.gov/ocio/records/
15. DOI Privacy Act Program: http://www.doi.gov/ocio/privacy/
17. DOI Privacy Act Regulations: http://www.doi.gov/foia/43cfrsub.html
18. DOI Privacy Act Systems of Records Notices: http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/aces/1999_pa.html
19. FirstGov Portal: http://www.firstgov.gov
See DOI's FOIA home page at http://www.doi.gov/foia/ for the most current listing of FOIA-related website addresses.
[67 FR 64541, Oct. 21, 2002]

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