43 CFR Part 2, Appendix C to Part 2 - Fee Schedule

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Appendix C to Part 2—Fee Schedule
If you submit a FOIA request, the bureau will charge you to search for, review, and duplicate the requested records according to your fee category (see §§ 2.16 and 2.17) and the following fee schedule. In addition, the bureau will charge you for any special handling or services performed in connection with processing your request and/or appeal under Subparts C and D of this part. The following fees will be used by all bureaus of the Department; these fees apply to services performed in making documents available for public inspection and copying under Subpart B of this part as well. The duplicating fees also are applicable to records provided in response to requests made under the Privacy Act. Fees will not be charged under either the FOIA or the Privacy Act where the total amount of fees for processing the request is $30 or less (see § 2.16(b)(2)), where the requester has met the requirements for a statutory fee waiver, or where the bureau has granted a discretionary fee waiver (see §§ 2.19 and 2.20).
(1) Search and review (review applies to commercial-use requesters only). Fees are based on: the average hourly salary (base salary plus DC locality payment), plus 16 percent for benefits, of employees in the following three categories. The average grade was established by surveying the bureaus to obtain the average grade of employees conducting FOIA searches and reviews. Fees will be increased annually consistent with Congressionally approved pay increases. Fees are charged in quarter hour increments.
(a) Clerical—Based on GS-6, Step 5, pay (all employees at GS-7 and below)
(b) Professional—Based on GS-11, Step 7, pay (all employees at GS-8 through GS-12)
(c) Managerial—Based on GS-14, Step 2, pay (all employees at GS-13 and above)
Fees for the current fiscal year are posted on DOI's FOIA home page (see Appendix B). If you do not have access to the Internet, please call the Departmental FOIA Officer (see Appendix A) for a copy of the fee schedule.
(2) Duplication:
Pages no larger than 8.5 × 14 inches, when reproduced by standard office copying machines $.13 per page ($.26 for double-sided copying)
Color copies of pages no larger than 8.5 × 11 inches $.90 per page
Pages larger than 8.5 × 14 inches Direct cost to DOI
Color copies of pages no larger than 11 × 17 inches $1.50 per page
Photographs and records requiring special handling (e.g., because of age, size, or format) Direct cost to DOI
(3) Electronic records:
Charges for services related to processing requests for electronic records Direct cost to DOI
(4) Certification Fee
Each certificate of verification attached to authenticate copies of records $.25
(5) Postage/Mailing:
Charges that exceed the cost of first class postage. Examples of such charges are express mail or overnight delivery Postage or Delivery charge
(6) Other Services:
Cost of special services or materials, other than those provided for by this fee schedule, when requester is notified of such costs in advance and agrees to pay them Direct cost to DOI
[67 FR 64541, Oct. 21, 2002]

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