44 CFR § 208.36 - Reimbursement for Alert.

§ 208.36 Reimbursement for Alert.

(a) Allowable costs. DHS will reimburse costs incurred during an Alert, up to the dollar limit specified in the Alert Order, for the following activities:

(1) Personnel costs, including Backfill, incurred to prepare for Activation.

(2) Transportation costs relating to hiring, leasing, or renting vehicles and drivers.

(3) The administrative allowance provided in § 208.41 of this part.

(4) Food and beverages for Task Force Members and Support Specialists when DHS does not provide meals during the Alert. DHS will limit food and beverage reimbursement to the amount of the then-current Federal meals daily allowance published in the Federal Register for the locality where such food and beverages were provided, multiplied by the number of personnel who received them.

(b) Calculation of Alert Order dollar limit. The Alert Order dollar limit will equal:

(1) An allowance of 10 percent of the Task Force's Daily Cost Estimate; and

(2) A supplemental allowance of 1 percent of the Task Force's Daily Cost Estimate for each 24-hour period beyond the first 72 hours of Alert.

(c) Non-allowable costs. DHS will not reimburse costs incurred or relating to the leasing, hiring or chartering of aircraft or the purchase of any equipment, aircraft, or vehicles.