44 CFR § 209.7 - Priorities for project selection.

§ 209.7 Priorities for project selection.

(a) It is the State's responsibility to identify and select eligible buyout projects for funding under the supplemental grant program. All funded projects must be consistent with the State Hazard Mitigation Plan. The mitigation planning process or any other appropriate means may identify buyout and elevation projects.

(b) States will set priorities in their State mitigation plan to use as the basis for selecting projects for funding. The State's priorities will address, at a minimum, substantially damaged properties, repetitive loss target properties, and such other criteria that the State deems necessary to comply with the law. States and subgrantees are to give priority consideration to projects for acquisition or elevations of repetitive loss properties, and must include all eligible repetitive loss properties in the projects submitted to us for funding.

[66 FR 32669, June 15, 2001; 66 FR 49554, Sept. 28, 2001, as amended at 74 FR 15353, Apr. 3, 2009]