44 CFR § 334.6 - Department and agency responsibilities.

§ 334.6 Department and agency responsibilities.

(a) During Stage 3, each Federal department and agency with mobilization responsibilities will develop GMR plans as part of its emergency preparedness planning process in order to meet possible future crisis. Costed Option Packages will be developed for actions that may be necessary in the early warning period. Option packages will be reviewed, focused and refined during Stage 2 to meet the particular emergency.

(b) Each department and agency should identify response actions appropriate for the early stage of any crisis or emergency situation, which then will be reviewed, focused and refined in Stage 2 for execution, as appropriate. GMR plans should contain a menu of costed option packages that provide details of alternative measures that may be used in an emergency situation.

(c) FEMA will provide guidance pursuant to Executive Order 12656 and will coordinate GMR plans and option packages of DOD and the civilian departments and agencies to ensure consistency and to identify areas where additional planning or investment is needed.

(d) During State 2, FEMA will coordinate department and agency recommendations for action and forward them to the National Security Advisor to make certain that consistency with the overall national strategy planning is achieved.

(e) Departments and agencies will refine their GMR plans to focus on the specific crisis situation. Costed option packages should be refined to identify the resources necessary for the current crisis, action taken to obtain those resources, and GMR plans implemented consistent with the seriousness of the crisis.

(f) At Stage 1, declaration of national emergency or war, the crisis is under the control of NSC or other central authority, with GMR being integrated into partial, full or total mobilization. At this point the more traditional mechanisms of resource mobilization are pursued, focusing on resource allocation and adjudication with cognizance of the essential civilian demand.

(g) Programs and plans developed by the departments and agencies under this guidance should be shared, as appropriate, with States, local governments and the private sector to provide a baseline for their development of supporting programs and plans.