44 CFR § 350.6 - Assistance in development of State and local plans.

§ 350.6 Assistance in development of State and local plans.

(a) An integrated approach to the development of offsite radiological emergency plans by States, localities and the licensees of NRC with the assistance of the Federal Government is the approach most likely to provide the best protection to the public. Hence, Federal agencies, including FEMA Regional staff, will be made available upon request to assist States and localities in the development of plans.

(b) There now exists in each of the ten standard Federal Regions a Regional Assistance Committee (RAC) (formerly the Regional Advisory Committee) chaired by a FEMA Regional official and having members from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Energy, Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Department of Agriculture and Department of Commerce. Whereas in 44 CFR part 351, the Department of Defense is listed as a potential member of the RACs, it is not listed in this rule because military nuclear facilities are not the subject of concern. The RACs will assist State and local government officials in the development of their radiological emergency response plans, and will review plans and observe exercises to evaluate the adequacy of these plans and related preparedness. This assistance does not include the actual writing of State and local government plans by RAC members.

(c) In accomplishing the foregoing, the RACs will use the standards and criteria in NUREG–0654/FEMA–REP–1, Rev. 1, and will render such technical assistance as may be required, appropriate to their agency mission and expertise. In observing and evaluating exercises, the RACs will identify, soon after an exercise, any deficiencies observed in the planning and preparedness effort including deficiencies in resources, training of staff, equipment, staffing levels and deficiencies in the qualifications of personnel.