44 CFR 361.8 - Ineligible expenditures.

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§ 361.8 Ineligible expenditures.

(a) Expenditures for anything defined as an unallowable cost by OMB Circular A-87.

(b) Federal funds may not be used for the purchase or rental of any equipment such as radio/telephone communications equipment, warning systems, and computers and other related information processing equipment, except as stated in § 361.7(b)(5). If a State wishes to use its matching funds for this purpose, it must:

(1) Document during the annual negotiation process with FEMA how this equipment will support the earthquake hazards reduction activities in its scope of work (see § 361.7(a)); and

(2) Claim as credit for its match, if the equipment is to be used for purposes in addition to support of earthquake hazards reduction activities, only that proportion of costs directly related to its earthquake hazards reduction project.