44 CFR § 402.2 - Restricted commodities.

§ 402.2 Restricted commodities.

The restrictions of Transportation Order T-1 apply to the transportation or discharge of (a) commodities on the Positive List (15 CFR part 399) (as amended from time to time) of the Comprehensive Export Schedule of the Office of International Trade, Department of Commerce, (b) articles on the list of arms, ammunition and implements of war coming within the meaning of Proclamation No. 2776 of March 26, 1948, and (c) commodities, including fissionable materials, controlled for export under the Atomic Energy Act of 1946. The restrictions imposed by Transportation Order T-1 do not apply to other commodities, not within these restricted classes at the time of transportation or discharge, even though authorization for the export of the commodity from the United States to the particular destination is required under regulations of the Office of International Trade or under other Federal law or regulation. In this respect, Order T-1 is different from Order T-2 which applies to all commodities destined to Communist China. Order T-1 does not relax or modify any of the requirements of any other regulation or law.