44 CFR § 59.22 - Prerequisites for the sale of flood insurance.

§ 59.22 Prerequisites for the sale of flood insurance.

(a) To qualify for flood insurance availability a community shall apply for the entire area within its jurisdiction, and shall submit:

(1) Copies of legislative and executive actions indicating a local need for flood insurance and an explicit desire to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program;

(2) Citations to State and local statutes and ordinances authorizing actions regulating land use and copies of the local laws and regulations cited;

(3) A copy of the flood plain management regulations the community has adopted to meet the requirements of §§ 60.3, 60.4 and/or § 60.5 of this subchapter. This submission shall include copies of any zoning, building, and subdivision regulations, health codes, special purpose ordinances (such as a flood plain ordinance, grading ordinance, or flood-related erosion control ordinance), and any other corrective and preventive measures enacted to reduce or prevent flood, mudslide (i.e., mudflow) or flood-related erosion damage;

(4) A list of the incorporated communities within the applicant's boundaries;

(5) Estimates relating to the community as a whole and to the flood, mudslide (i.e., mudflow) and flood-related erosion prone areas concerning:

(i) Population;

(ii) Number of one to four family residences;

(iii) Number of small businesses; and

(iv) Number of all other structures.

(6) Address of a local repository, such as a municipal building, where the Flood Hazard Boundary Maps (FHBM's) and Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM's) will be made available for public inspection;

(7) A summary of any State or Federal activities with respect to flood plain, mudslide (i.e., mudflow) or flood-related erosion area management within the community, such as federally-funded flood control projects and State-administered flood plain management regulations;

(8) A commitment to recognize and duly evaluate flood, mudslide (i.e., mudflow) and/or flood-related erosion hazards in all official actions in the areas having special flood, mudslide (i.e., mudflow) and/or flood-related erosion hazards and to take such other official action reasonably necessary to carry out the objectives of the program; and

(9) A commitment to:

(i) Assist the Federal Insurance Administrator at his/her request, in his/her delineation of the limits of the areas having special flood, mudslide (i.e., mudflow) or flood-related erosion hazards;

(ii) Provide such information concerning present uses and occupancy of the flood plain, mudslide (i.e., mudflow) or flood-related erosion areas as the Federal Insurance Administrator may request;

(iii) Maintain for public inspection and furnish upon request, for the determination of applicable flood insurance risk premium rates within all areas having special flood hazards identified on a FHBM or FIRM, any certificates of floodproofing, and information on the elevation (in relation to mean sea level) of the level of the lowest floor (including basement) of all new or substantially improved structures, and include whether or not such structures contain a basement, and if the structure has been floodproofed, the elevation (in relation to mean sea level) to which the structure was floodproofed;

(iv) Cooperate with Federal, State, and local agencies and private firms which undertake to study, survey, map, and identify flood plain, mudslide (i.e., mudflow) or flood-related erosion areas, and cooperate with neighboring communities with respect to the management of adjoining flood plain, mudslide (i.e., mudflow) and/or flood-related erosion areas in order to prevent aggravation of existing hazards;

(v) Upon occurrence, notify the Federal Insurance Administrator in writing whenever the boundaries of the community have been modified by annexation or the community has otherwise assumed or no longer has authority to adopt and enforce flood plain management regulations for a particular area. In order that all FHBM's and FIRM's accurately represent the community's boundaries, include within such notification a copy of a map of the community suitable for reproduction, clearly delineating the new corporate limits or new area for which the community has assumed or relinquished flood plain management regulatory authority.

(b) An applicant shall legislatively:

(1) Appoint or designate the agency or official with the responsibility, authority, and means to implement the commitments made in paragraph (a) of this section, and

(2) Designate the official responsible to submit a report to the Federal Insurance Administrator concerning the community participation in the Program, including, but not limited to the development and implementation of flood plain management regulations. This report shall be submitted annually or biennially as determined by the Federal Insurance Administrator.

(c) The documents required by paragraph (a) of this section and evidence of the actions required by paragraph (b) of this section shall be submitted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington DC 20472.

[41 FR 46968, Oct. 26, 1976. Redesignated at 44 FR 31177, May 31, 1979 and amended at 48 FR 29318, June 24, 1983; 48 FR 44543 and 44552, Sept. 29, 1983; 49 FR 4751, Feb. 8, 1984; 49 FR 33656, Aug. 24, 1984; 50 FR 36023, Sept. 4, 1985]

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