44 CFR § 67.11 - Notice of final determination.

§ 67.11 Notice of final determination.

The Federal Insurance Administrator's notice of the final flood elevation determination for a community shall be in written form and published in the Federal Register, and copies shall be sent to the CEO, all individual appellants and the State Coordinating Agency.

[41 FR 46989, Oct. 26, 1976. Redesignated at 44 FR 31177, May 31, 1979, as amended at 48 FR 44553, Sept. 29, 1983; 49 FR 4751, Feb. 8, 1984]
Editorial Note:
For the list of communities issued under this section, and not carried in the CFR, see the List of CFR Sections Affected, which appears in the Finding Aids section of the printed volume and at www.govinfo.gov.