44 CFR § 72.7 - Resubmittals.

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§ 72.7 Resubmittals.

(a) Resubmittals of CLOMA, CLOMR, CLOMR-F, LOMR, LOMR-F, or PMR requests more than 90 days after FEMA notification that the requests were denied or after FEMA ended its review because the requester provided insufficient information will be treated as original submissions and subject to all submittal/payment procedures described in § 72.4. The procedure in § 72.4 also applies to a resubmitted request (regardless of when submitted) if the project on which the request is based has been altered significantly in design or scope other than as necessary to respond to comments, concerns, or other findings made by FEMA regarding the original submission.

(b) When LOMR, LOMR-F, or PMR requests are made after FEMA issues CLOMRs or CLOMR-Fs, the procedures in § 72.4 and the appropriate fee apply, as referenced in § 72.3(c). When the as-built conditions differ from the proposed conditions on which FEMA issued the CLOMRs or CLOMR-Fs, the reduced fee for as-built requests will not apply.

[62 FR 5738, Feb. 6, 1997]